Welcome to E-co Exterior Cleaning Services.

We are E-co Exterior Cleaning Services, providing eco friendly exterior cleaning services for Darwin and the Top End.

E-co Exterior Cleaning Services clean all aspects of building exteriors.

  • Dirty Roofs,
  • Driveways & paths,
  • Solar panels,
  • Windows,
  • Wheelie bin,
  • Exterior walls,
  • Some Outdoor Furniture,
  • BBQs.

Our mission is do this as effectively as possible while using eco friendly cleaning methods.

Your home is a large investment, in time and money. To protect your investment, to get the best return possible, it is important you maintain and protect it.

Roofs for instance, are constantly exposed to the elements. Metal roofs in particular are vulnerable to a shortened life if left uncleaned in the harsh NT environment.

Lack of cleaning allows light coloured roofs to accumulate grime and mould, darkening over time. They then loose any benefit of being cooler, and any associated reduction in energy consumption.

Solar panels are a major investment of money. They have a limited time span of effective output, so it is important to make the most of this limited time. Regular cleaning maximises their output, thus your returns.

Driveways, paths and other exposed concrete and paving become unsightly over time, and even pose a slip hazard without regular cleaning.

Wheelie Bins will quickly become rank in the constant NT heat. Besides the associated smells, they become a haven for bacteria to thrive. Vermin and flies just love stinky unsanitary bins.

Regular cleaning is the key and we are here to help, providing eco friendly exterior cleaning services to Darwin, Palmerston and the rural areas.

We have the tools and know how to alleviate these problems. We can save you the risks associated with working at heights and have the specialist equipment to efficiently clean your investment.

You can then use the time saved to do the things you would much rather be doing.

And yes, we are fully insured.

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