Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean your solar panels regularly for maximum efficiency.

This cannot be stressed enough. You need to clean your solar panels regularly for maximum efficiency Solar panels are an investment, in money and sustainability. As they are not an appreciating asset, it is vital to maximise your financial returns over their life cycle.

To fully capitalise on your solar panel investment, you need regular cleaning to maintain maximum efficiency. Even a thin film of buildup on their surface will reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the photovoltaic cells. This reduces their output, and your financial returns on your investment!

This is an inverse relationship. The more you allow this buildup to accumulate, the greater your returns will diminish. It has been shown that dirty panels can have a decrease in efficiency of 25%.

To put it another way Cleaning of your solar panels can increase their output up to 25%

E-co Exterior Cleaning Services can clean your panels for you, saving you the effort and risk of working on your roof or a ladder.

So what is “regularly” defined as when it comes to solar panel cleaning? Well, that will vary depending on a number of factors, in particular how much what type of grime accumulates. The angle of your solar panels will also have an impact.

For most people this will be 2 – 4 times per year. We would recommend at a minimum part way through, and then again at the end of the dry.

When cleaning your solar panels, E-co Exterior Cleaning Services do not;

*Use pressure washers, as we do not want to risk compromising the seals and subsequent water ingress.

*Use detergents, solvents or any type of cleaning agents as these can damage the glass or leave a film behind.

*Under any circumstances, walk on your solar panels. This can create micro cracks.