About Us.

We are E-co Exterior Cleaning Services, providing eco friendly exterior cleaning services to Darwin and the Top End. We clean anything on or around your buildings’ exterior. This includes, but is not limited to, roofs and gutters, solar panels, driveways and paths, wheelie bins, windows and home exteriors.

Our Mission.

Our mission is simple. We strive to provide exterior cleaning services that are as eco friendly and effective as we possibly can.

Naturally, this requires a certain element of compromise. While we understand and acknowledge that, our aim is to minimise any compromise. We strongly believe that it is possible to clean to an acceptable standard in a manner that reduces any environmental impact. As such, we strive to continually learn, and improve our services to become the market leader in this field.

This is a journey of constant learning, and we welcome you along for the ride.

Our Values.

Here at E-co Exterior Cleaning Services, we hold true to the following core values;


There is nothing more important in business than integrity. Because Integrity builds trust, it is the cornerstone of our core values. Knowing, accepting and being transparent about what we can, and subsequently, what we can’t achieve is how we build integrity.


Our mission is born out of respect for the environment.

We respect our clients wishes.

We respect those that have differing views and ideals.

We respect those in the industry that do things in a different way and the decision of the clients who use their services


Transparency fosters both trust and integrity. Therefore, we don’t make claims we know are untrue, and are honest and upfront with clients. As a result we only create realistic expectations.


To achieve our mission, we always strive to be the best we can. We are conscious of, and take responsibility for, the consequences of our actions.